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Fort Smith Mission Historic Park

Fort Smith Mission Historic Park

Fort Smith Mission Historic Park is all that remains of the original 151-acre (61-hectare) Oblate Catholic Mission in what is now the centre of Fort Smith.

Fort Smith was, for a brief period, the capital of the Northwest Territories. It is located at a natural trans-shipping point for merchandise, from boats that were at that time paddled all the way from eastern and southern Canada, down the Slave River as far as the rapids near Fort Smith. The goods had to be trans-shipped into other vessels in order to proceed further north to serve communities on Great Slave Lake, the Mackenzie River, and the Arctic Ocean.

Fort Smith Mission Historic Park displays the remaining original buildings and a grotto from the Oblate Catholic Mission. The grotto is built into a small knoll within the boundaries of Fort Smith Historic Mission Park, near the Fort Smith Health Centre. The grotto was constructed in 1954 as a thank you to the Mother Mary. It is a peaceful setting for quiet meditation.

The park is a well-preserved historic site complete with historical buildings and interpretive signage that describes parts of the epic changes in the North underwent by the land and people.

The community garden (ADD LINK) is located within the park’s boundaries. The park is jointly run by the territorial department of Industry, Tourism and Investment, and the Northern Life Musem and Cultural Centre (ADD LINK).

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