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Out Here, Nature Reigns

Photo Credit: Pierre Chaillon


Fort Smith, Northwest Territories is a dazzling winter playground where ski enthusiasts, snowboarders and winter sightseers come both looking for excitement and an adventure-filled getaway. Roaring white water rapids, breathtaking northern scenery, delectable culinary bites, and cozy stays come together to make Fort Smith, NT the winter vacation of your dreams.

In the winter, Fort Smith offers all things snowy, an abundance of outdoor adventures, and indoor coziness. Unique experiences and unparalleled scenery will make your northern getaway unforgettable.


Here’s what to do on a visit.


All you need to know about the Winter Roads!

Winter roads from Fort Smith to Fort Chipewyan and from Fort Chipewyan to Fort McMurray are open for the 2022-23 season. 


Wood Buffalo National Park 

Find out information about winter activities in our favourite national park including which trails are best suited for snowshoeing and the best places to view wildlife by calling 867-872-7960 or by emailing


Hiking and Snowshoeing 

Find out about our favourite trails in Wood Buffalo National Park and along the world-class Slave River.


Cross Country Skiing 

The Fort Smith Ski Club has a network of over 15 km of well-groomed trails overlooking the world-class Slave River and winding through the boreal forest. Trails are perfect for traditional classic skiing, skate skiing or backcountry skiing. Night skiing offers a unique experience with 1.5 km of lit trails for a chance to ski under the stars and northern lights.


Fort Smith Snowboard Park & Sliding Hill

Fort Smith Snowboard Park is the place to be in winter, with one of the best terrain parks in the north. The site overlooks the majestic Slave River and includes seven features designed with the whole family in mind. Whether you're into snowboarding, skiing or tobogganing, there is something for everyone. Features include a boardercross run, a 20-foot big air jump and more minor ride-on features, there is fun for all levels.


Fort Smith Snowboarding Club - The Slide Zone Shredderz

Join us for fun programs, instruction and a great tribe! We provide snowboarding instruction programs, organize events like Big Fun Snowboard Fest and maintain the Fort Smith Snowboard Park. Come join us, for more information about snowboarding in Fort Smith please go to:


Flat World Alpaca 

Capture memories and make some new friends at the only Alpaca Farm in the Northwest Territories. 


What to Do? 

Check out the Northern Life Museum, where to see wildlife, and how to contact local artists.


Where To Stay?

Bed & breakfasts and hotels, we have something to suit everyone's needs


Where To Eat?

 Looking for the NWT's best pizza, or a homemade healthy-style meal, or food for a winter picnic?


How To Get Here? 

Driving or flying we have options to match your schedule.


Itinerary Suggestions

Top 7 Things To Do In Winter - Looking for the perfect family or friend group getaway, this is the itinerary for you!


Keep checking back for more updates and information as the winter season approaches!​ We look forward to seeing you soon.



At the Town of Fort Smith, NT, we strive to constantly improve our guest services. Can't find what you are looking for online? Find the answers using the phone numbers and email below.