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The Fort Smith Town Council and administration oversees the governance of the 2,500-person town. There are seven councilors, a deputy mayor, and mayor, each work part-time and are elected every three years. Meet the Town’s current mayor, deputy mayor and councilors in following biographies.

“Perserverance” is the Town of Fort Smith’s motto. It was adopted by Town Council in 1969 and was the motto of Donald Alexander Smith, who is the town’s namesake. You can read more about Fort Smith’s history here.

The Muffaloose is Fort Smith’s mascot. He’s an elusive cross between a moose and a buffalo and usually comes out to play during the annual Wood Buffalo Frolics Carnival.

The Town's emblem was designed by the late Professor A.L.C. Atkinson, at the request of Council.

The verse below describinbg the coat of arms was composed by a previous municipal administrator, Robin Beaumont.


Fort Smith, Northwest Territories

Behold the great wood buffalo upon the grass at rest;

A lariat of water blue and ice completes the crest.

See on the shield amid the snow the mighty river wind;

The Slave, historic days of long portages brings to mind;

Bush pilots then, jetliners now, two fiery wings in flight;

The National Park above with trees and buffalo in sight.

The green, green grass of home depicts the fertile northern earth;

The fort reminds us all of when this frontier town had birth;

The North of 60 gate like open arms you're welcomed with;

Yes - welcome to the North's own Garden Capital - Fort Smith.