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Welcome to the Town of Fort Smith

A trip to Fort Smith is one steeped in history, beauty and adventure. Our rapids along the Slave River are world class, our Dark Sky Preserve is the largest on Earth and Wood Buffalo National Park is thriving with unique wildlife, such as the protected and majestic whooping crane.

In summer the land abounds with birds, fish and animals. The trails are endless, and fences are rare. In winter it becomes a peaceful oasis of sparkling snow, clear skies and Northern lights.

We look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy your stay!


Looking for a close up view of the American White Pelican? This is the spot! You can sit and be...

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Cross-country skiers have many choices for adventure in Fort Smith. The scenic trails offer...

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Whooping cranes, the tallest bird in North America, are an endangered species. Their breeding...

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The Fort Smith Swimming Pool is a family-friendly facility designed with easy access for...

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Short term rental accommodations
Short term rental accomodations
Exclusive location with flights out of Fort Smith's float plane base, Andrew Lake is a designated... Read more


Lounge and nevada sales, charitable organization, rental of basement area for events
Sale of gourmet frozen foods
Classic Canadian coffee and donut shop selling signature, premium blend coffee, plus light fare... Read more