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Public Consultation - Council Honourarium Bylaw 1003

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Council Honoraria Bylaw – Public Consultation

In accordance with Section 102 Subsection (2) of the Cities, Town’s and Village’s Act, the Town of Fort Smith is providing two week notice before the third and final reading of the Council Honorarium Bylaw 1003.

Council has reviewed and updated the Council Honorarium Bylaw 903. As a result of this review, Council has moved to increase the Mayor’s annual honorarium from $38,400 to $48,000 annually, and have decided to not increase Council’s honoraria. Council planned for the initial expense when it passed the 2020 budget in December 2019.The new Council Honorarium Bylaw 1003 received second reading on March 31st, 2020.

The position of Mayor in Fort Smith is currently the lowest paid compared to that of other jurisdictions in the NWT. The Mayor’s annual honorarium was last increased in 2011, and has not been increased since. In addition to this, previous taxation laws allowed for one-third of an elected officials salary to be un-taxable to account for work related expenses. This has now changed and the complete salary is taxed.

This increase in the Mayor’s salary has been made to bring it on par with other honourarium’s in the NWT, account for the change in taxation laws, and to account for an increased cost of living.

The Bylaw is attached below for download. The public is invited to delegate to the Regular Meeting of Council on May 19th, 2020 if they wish to provide feedback. To do so please email expressing your interest.

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