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Fort Smith Health and Social Services

The Fort Smith Health and Social Services Authority (FSHSSA) serves the 2,400 residents of the Fort Smith Region in the Northwest Territories. They have over 100 employees who provide health and social services such as home care, mental health, medical care, and counseling.

They operate the Fort Smith health centre, Northern Lights Special Care Home, and community based health and social services programs for the Fort Smith region.


The lifestyle of Fort Smith’s seniors is a vibrant one – thanks in large part to the work of the Fort Smith Seniors’ Society. The society organizes day trips to Hay River and Fort Chipewyan, picnics, berry picking, and is setting up travel escorts so those without family in Fort Smith don’t have to embark on medical travel alone.

Interested in meeting the community? All seniors are welcome at Lunch with the Bunch on Friday afternoons at the Seniors’ Centre in the Recreation and Community Centre. To get in touch with the Fort Smith Seniors’ Society call 867-872-5876.

Northern Lights Special Care Home

Assisted living options are available at the 28-bed Northern Lights Special Care Home. The centre staffs nurses and specialized aids and arranges weekly doctor visits. Full meal services are available and can accommodate specialized diets. Residents are also welcome to take part in the center’s recreational programing and weekly religious services.

Government programs

Seniors living in the Northwest Territories are eligible for the Extended Health Care Program, which includes services like home care and supported living. For information on the services available and how to access them, contact Home Care Services in Fort Smith at 867-872-6222 or 867-872-6204.

Financial assistance for home maintenance and rental costs are available through the NWT Housing Corporation’s Fort Smith Branch. Information on eligibility can be obtained by calling 867-872-2646.

The Department of Education, Culture, and Employment offers a heating fuel subsidy for seniors and can be contacted at 867-872-7431 for more information.