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Water & Sewer

Fort Smith gets all of its water from the Slave River. Most residents have water and sewer pipe access, while others depend on trucked water service. Some residents who receive water delivery within town limits have summer water lines that run from June to September.

To connect or disconnect water services, complete the appropriate forms attached in the documents below.


Water Delivery Schedule

Within town limits: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Border Town: Monday and Thursday

Fort Fiztgerald, AB: Wednesday

Bellrock Estates: Tuesday and Friday

Salt River: Tuesday and Friday


Sewage Pump Outs

Sewage pump outs occur every Wednesday. Please contact Town Hall at 872-8400 to set up a schedule or book a pump out.

Requesting pump outs on any other day will result in an additional $125 charge and requesting a pump out after normal business hours will result in an additional $175 charge.