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Conibear Park & Design Standards

Conibear Park Design & Landscape Design Standards 

Check out the latest design concepts for Conibear Park and Landscape Amenities in the documents section below.

The survey is now closed. The Town's consultants have gathered the information and provided  "What we Heard" reports for both phase 1 and phase 2. See reports below in the documents section. 

The Town of Fort Smith will be moving to the final phase of the design phase of this project in May - June 2022.

Project Background

The Town of Fort Smith is working with landscape design firm IBI Group from Edmonton to re-design Conibear Park and create Design Standards for directional and interpretive signage as well as landscape amenities such as picnic tables and benches.

Conibear Park Cultural Centre Design

Conibear Park sits in the center of Fort Smith and is a much-loved landmark that remains in the hearts of many community members. The preliminary concept for Conibear Park calls for this central site to be developed as a small outdoor venue for concerts, recitals, plays and theatre. Interpretive signage is proposed throughout the site to inform visitors of the history and culture of the community and of Conibear Park.

A cultural interpretive exhibit area will complement the interpretive characteristic of the site. The exhibit areas will provide an opportunity for the community to showcase the culture, history, and art of the community.

The concept design for Conibear Park was adopted in 2017 as part of the Fort Smith Open Space Enhancement Plan. See attached copy of the Fort Smith Open Space Enhancement Plan in the Documents section below.

Please note the old theatre / Lacey's Bar building will be taken down to create more parking space for Conibear Park. The existing gravel parking lot next to the park will be removed and re-purposed as an expansion of Conibear Park

Landscape Amenities Design Standards

The design standards should take into consideration and reflect the local cultural heritage. This will include wayfinding signage, interpretive signage at locations of significance, and infrastructure such as benches, garbage bins, pole banners, and other amenities. The designs will create a sense of arrival and awareness of “place” for visitors and residents.

The Public engagement objective for this project is to:

  • Review and identify the possible design concepts for the Conibear Park Cultural Centre
  • Review and identify the possible design concepts for community wayfinding and interpretive signage.
  • Review and identify the possible design concepts for landscape amenities such as benches, garbage bins, etc.

What we are doing now:

  • Preparing the detailed design with specifications that can then be put out to tender for construction.
  • Preferred options preliminary design - complete and approved by Mayor and Council - see document below
  • What We Heard Report - Phase 1 - complete - see documents section below
  • What We Heard Report - Phase 2 - complete - see documents section below

Project Schedule

August – October  2021

  • Project Start up and Background Review
  • Community Consultation #1  - Gather public input for cultural and heritage information to determine the themes and guiding principles. Identify priorities related to signage, amenities, and Conibear Park.

October – January 2022

  • Preliminary Designs prepared by IBI Group
  • Community Consultation #2 – Review of preliminary designs for Conibear Park and Landscape Amenities. Gather feedback on the draft and preferred design concept options.

February - June 2022

  • Final detailed design packages prepared by IBI Group for Conibear Park Cultural Centre and Landscape Amenities
  • Community Consultation # 3 – To gather feedback on the final design concepts.