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Thebacha & Wood Buffalo Dark Sky Festival


Thebacha & Wood Buffalo Dark Sky Festival

The annual Dark Sky Festival is a celebration of the return of dark skies to our northern latitude (60°N) and is hosted during the third weekend of August. Festival activities take place in Fort Smith, NWT and the in world's largest Dark Sky Preserve, Wood Buffalo National Park.

At the Dark Sky Festival we do not just look at stars. We try to answer your questions about science through fun and interactive activities.  For kids there is the Circus of Science and the Science Academy events.  As well, we offer our Stellar Seminars and many practical workshops, such as aurora photography.

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Land & Sky Tour :

Watch the most northerly colony of nesting white pelicans feeding in the Slave River. Listen to the stories of an elder and learn to play Indigenous Dene games. Walk barefoot on the Salt Plains in Wood Buffalo National Park.

Then take to the skies for a 20-minute flightseeing tour. See homemade rockets streak into the sky, tour the new Fort Smith Observatory, and participate in evening workshops with guest speakers during the Thebacha & Wood Buffalo Dark Sky Festival. This northern celebration of space and science for novice stargazers and seasoned astronomers is held in the world’s largest Dark Sky Preserve.

Join us for a Journey through Land & Sky during a tour of Fort Smith and Wood Buffalo National Park, August 23-26, 2018.

For detailed information go to: Land & Sky Tour - Wood Buffalo National Park.