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Sweetgrass Station - Wood Buffalo National Park

Sweetgrass Station - Wood Buffalo National Park

Sweetgrass Station, located south of the Peace River on the edge of vast meadows within the Peace-Athabasca Delta, is a perfect destination for a wilderness backcountry trip.

It is a prisitine and wild landscape where you will see the buffalo roam, hear the howl of the wolves that follow them and maybe even see a few. The trip begins at a place called Peace Point. Starting from here with a canoe or motor boat you will travel to the south bank of the Peace River, at a spot known locally as Sweetgrass Landing.

The hiking trail begins here and proceeds south through a boreal forest mosaic for 12 km. Approximately 2 km from the Station, you will come across remnants of old corrals. The corrals were built in the mid-1960s and used in the historical round-up of bison herds for anthrax vaccinations.

Please  book your backcountry camping permit and get detailed itinerary and safety information from staff at Wood Buffalo National Park well in advance of your trip.

Wood Buffalo National Park, Visitor Information Centre:

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